Web Application Development Yucaipa Connecticut

Web Application Development Yucaipa Connecticut

Today, PHP is one of the most popular languages used for web development in Yucaipa Connecticut . Categorized as a server-side scripting language, PHP stands opposed to JavaScript that is a preferred language on the client side. There are innumerous benefits of PHP development despite the fact that almost all web languages have its individual limitations.

There are multiple reasons behind the wide acceptance of PHP among the web developers in Yucaipa Connecticut also globally . Here are some of the most relevant reasons listed in the following clarifying the wide acceptance if PHP development in the field of web development.

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Dynamic Web Pages

Smart web developers smartly utilize the opportunity of creating eye-catching as well as dynamic web pages per the industry standards. It is one of the most appreciated free open sources supporting general databases such as MySQL, Oracle and so on along with matching with Linux and MySQL as well. Talented web developers know how to create attractive web pages to ensure great ROI to the clients by dragging the attention of more users.

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In the midst of so many useful languages, the beginners are recommended to learn the fundamentals of PHP development. Compared to the other languages, PHP is can be learned easily for the logical syntax and the command functions elaborating what exactly they do. Those who are used to the syntax of C or Perl can easily get a grip of the syntax of PHP. It is easy to get the right of creating along with optimizing the application with PHP development.

Efficient Features

Apart from helping the new learners to get a quick grip on the language, PHP has the efficiency of dynamic data coordination being a short form of Hypertext Preprocessor, the server-side scripting language. Altogether, it offers great user-experience in the web applications.

Embedded into HTML-PHP is widely used for the purposes of developing and maintaining web-based applications, CMS, custom applications, developing different tools and for the chat software and so on giving a tough fight to the immediate competitors Java, .Net, and many others. PHP development is also very useful during the open source development such as Joomla development, WordPress development, Magento development, Zen Cart development, OsCommerce development, and many others.

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E-Commerce Solutions

This is the era of e-commerce business. People globally are in love with shopping online and growing their interests over using the payment portals for paying their bills online. PHP E-commerce solutions are widely used by the web developers nowadays for boosting the online stores. The portals are also created with PHP. Maximum developers prefer using PHP platform while developing portals for both small to large online businesses like B2C or B2B etc. If a website owner or an online e-store owner decides to customize the web applications or customize the features- they need an expert PHP developer that can do the job flawlessly.

These are some of the most significant reasons for which most website owners and web developers depend on PHP development for developing attractive, user-friendly, speedy, and secured websites.

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The world today seems to be powered by the internet. It's growing and exploding at a phenomenal rate and it seems as if everyone is trying to benefit from it. So, be it individuals or businesses, going online has become a fad these days. Similarly, now websites have replaced TV and print to become the most popular way to absorb content. From knowledge to enrichment to entertainment, we turn to one or another kind of website to quench the never-ending appetite of being fed info and this has brought a lot of changes in the way the web world operates.

Earlier, websites were static in nature and users too were not sophisticated as their search for information was of mostly basic nature. Over the years, websites have gone through a massive swift and now they are less static and more dynamic in nature. And this is made possible by PHP - a server-side open source scripting language. This popular scripting language reflects the changing preferences of users in terms of accessing websites and absorbing content. It's now used in more than 8 out of ten websites in the world which clearly speaks volume about the need of dynamic websites.

At present, PHP is a key ingredient of the web and when seen in terms of popularity, it surely has an edge over others, such as ASP.NET and Ruby, in the domain. Clearly, we should understand the reasons that make this scripting language a domain leader and they reflect some more on its position in the domain. Being easy to read and simple to understand is perhaps one of major reasons of this language's every-growing popularity in the world. Unlike complex programming languages, it's easy to use, very clean, organized and eloquent, all of which makes it great for pros and beginners alike.

More so, using PHP helps you get more control over websites and this feature is not available elsewhere. Long scripts don't trouble here as it needs just a few line of code to complete the same functions for which other languages involve long scripts. Since it's an open source technology, editing things never remain a problem and its codes can be tweaked to serve a variety of purposes as well. Be it HTML, CSS or databases of any type, this scripting language is compatible with them to deliver efficiency of the highest order. Similarly, it is away from any restriction in terms of code and tag order in documents.

Further, PHP does not ask you to manage and keep an eye on the right placement of code in the document. Likewise, it's 100% free, saves businesses from buying any expensive licenses and enables economical way to build a site. And not to forget, it's has a huge community online and any issue is solved with ease and any help is just a click away. Given so many benefits associated with this scripting language, it'd be a surprise if you did not trust and hire only the best PHP development company to realize your online goals.

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A friend of mine, who is the CEO of a highly respected regional ad agency, was fuming. He was having to sit through a branding workshop because of the invitation of a client. Plus, he knew he needed to hear what his client would be hearing so he wouldn't be caught off guard by some enthusiastic idea generated by the workshop speaker. What he and his client heard was nothing new. No great revelations on branding. Certainly nothing that he and his agency had not been telling the client what needed to be done. The only difference was that the person leading the workshop wrote a book on branding! It positioned that person as being the expert in the mind of the client. You've probably had a similar experience.

I have a great new business idea for you. Why not write your own book?

Think about the benefits. How it will positively position you and your agency in the minds of your target audience as being an expert in your field. Not to mention the speaking and additional writing opportunities.

Below is the information for a simple way to write your book that will pay immediate dividens for agency. Not only will you have a book at the end of the process but as you write, you will have material to use for your agency's blog posts, EzineArticles and Enewsletters.

WordPress provides a little known secret on how to transform your blog into a book. Instead of writing blog posts you can actually have the book cover, index of contents and chapters. Blogs are normally written in reverse chronological order but you can easily set your blog so that you can write by chapters.

Here's how ...

How to write a book through your WordPress Blog:

Almost. This shows you one way to write something that is chapter based.

A blog is a reverse chronological publishing tool. That's what it is and to make it behave differently you will need to do some work yourself. You also need your readers to exercise some self-discipline.

Following this will produce a 'front cover', an 'index' and the actual work.

  1. Create a page called "front"
  2. Create a page called "index"
  3. Create a page called "chapters"
  4. Go to Settings > Reading
  5. Make "front" the front of the blog
  6. Make "chapters" have the posts
  7. On "front" make 1 link to "index"
  8. Write a post - your Chapter 1. Publish it. Copy the URL of the post
  9. Edit "index" and place a link to Chapter 1
  10. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for each chapter

Recent Posts / Recent Comments and Archives widgets could let people move around more freely and could break the flow. You may want to remove them. You still need a link to the "index" - use a text widget for that link.

You could use Pages for the chapters instead of posts.

The names of those pages is optional of course.

How Much Does A Small Business Website Cost in 2016?

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It's simple - websites nowadays attract potential customers from everywhere around the world, work 24/7 and are the best way to get informed about particular products, services or brands.
Now, there are two common scenarios for businesses nowadays:

a) a business that (still) doesn't have a website that is willing to make one
b) a business with a bad website that wants to change it - upgrade to a better one
In both scenarios, there is one inevitable question...

What's The Cost Of A Website In 2016?

In a nutshell, the website quotes have changed over the years. On top of that, the digital world has advanced to a point where not every website is the same and - which leads us to the fact that there are websites that are very expensive (ones with better features and more complex elements) and websites that are extremely cheap (simple ones).

If you are still wondering what are the standards for a great website nowadays, we are sharing a quick website features checklist that even a basic website should have:

• responsiveness (fitting to any screen, whether it's desktop or mobile)
• easy navigation
• user-friendliness
• color contrast (balanced colors)
• good SEO performance
• stellar security

The Types Of Websites And Their Costs

The cost of a website in 2016 includes one main factor: the potential complexity to develop it. That is why not every website costs the same. After all, every website is different from content to design - and there are certain levels of effort required for each feature.

Therefore, these are some of the most common small business website types you should be looking at if you are considering the first website for your business, or a website revamp to meet the latest standards.

1. A Simple, Informational Business Website

This first type is a website that is purely informational and features content that promotes the business and its products/services. It does NOT include an eCommerce feature (a shop). What it includes is:
o 3-6 pages including a blog, contact page, About Us page etc.
o social media links and feeds
o email newsletter signup
o miscellaneous features (calendar, gallery, slideshow etc.)

COST: $5000-$7000

2. A Mid-Size Informational Business Website

The second type of small business website is one that is once again primarily informational, but has slightly better features and qualities. It includes some upgrades such as:
o 10-20 pages in total including a blog, contact page, About Us page etc.
o email newsletter signup
o social media links and feeds
o minor features such as gallery, slideshow, slide bar, calendar etc.

COST: $7000-$10,000

3. A Custom (eCommerce) Business Website With Advanced Features

Basically, most of the eCommerce websites are built in a custom way. Even if it's not about having a Shop as the main feature, custom solutions take more time to be developed and therefore, their price is bigger. Some of the extra features that an eCommerce or fully custom website can have include:
o 10-20 pages in total including a blog, contact page, About Us page etc.
o a shop with 100-500 products
o logo, text content, product info and photos
o email newsletter signup
o automated email system
o social media links and feeds
o custom extra features

COST: $10,000-$40,000

Note: This is the general categorization of the most common website types. There are exceptions and solutions that can be developed additionally, such as integrated ERP solutions, customer account dashboards, live customer support, back-office systems, memberships, multi-language features, databases/directories, customized eCommerce features, additional optimization for social media or SEO, marketing services etc.

The question you most probably have after seeing the costs and making your mind, is:

'So, Why Do I Need A Website In 2016?'

A lot of businesses have scaled just because they embraced the digital space and created a stellar digital presence (a website) that let them penetrate the market in a better way and reach new customers. Being present online means being up to date with all the recent trends - but also means building authority and entering new markets.

Ultimately, the decision to skip on a website is definitely a bad choice and something that could lead to nothing but a bad future for your business. Investing in a fully-functional website, on the other hand, is the best choice you will ever make.

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